Jurassic Pop


Jurassic Pop

Oxford-based five piece who craft songs (primarily) written about Jurassic Park and the issues around it. Should you sleep with Jeff Goldblum whatever happens? Listen to Jurassic Pop to find out…

“Basically the concept record you always wanted to make. Be honest.” – DIY Magazine

“If you’re thinking this all sounds too good to be true, you’re wrong.” – TLOBF

“Funny and Charming” – Punktastic

“The main thing to take note of during the performance is how brilliantly clever the lyrics are, with most of the audience laughing at least five times a song” – 7Bit Arcade

‘…with passion and a brontosaurus-sized sense of fun, it prowls with genius. everyone was in agreement; Jurassic Pop is magic.’ – Just Dip

‘this was a treat for any dinosaur fan’ – Spectral Nights

‘The 90s-child charm of the likes of Jurassic Park Number One is never in question. And they’ve got a guitarist with the head of a Velociraptor. Which is nice.’ – Flush the Fashion