The Futureheads

Arguably the most interesting, inventive and exhilirating of the British so-called “post-punk revival” bands of the early 00s, The Futureheads emerged from Sunderland in 2003 and a year later released a self-titled debut album that in its jerky guitars, angular dynamic shifts and fractured, proudly accented four-part harmonies established them as one of our most exciting guitar bands, even cracking the top ten with their cover of Kate Bush’s Hounds Of Love. Their next two albums, 2006’s News And Tributes and 2008’s This Is Not The World, followed it into the UK album chart top twenty, refining and furthering their propulsive, punkish energy with an ear on the big pop hook. After 2010’s The Chaos came a left turn into acapella with 2012’s Rant, covering both reworked versions of their own material and covers ranging from folk standards to the Black Eyed Peas. After that the band went on hiatus, all four exploring other ventures, but over the past year they’ve got back together and have been working on a sixth album which they describe as “the culmination of every ounce of energy we have: a return, we hope, to bombastic, daring, creative righteousness.”

Simon Tyres

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